Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE)

The CTAE Department at Randolph-Clay High School 

CTAE provides various learning opportunities for students to gain valuable experiences through technical and academic skills development. Not only will the student gain skills and experiences through the CTAE department, but also, CTAE courses will provide the foundation needed to become life-long learners and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing work environments. 

Ten Program Concentrations were developed for Georgia. Each Program Concentration has Career Pathways that have been developed for students to select and complete. Career Pathways have three or four specialized courses developed to provide students rigorous core elements, performance standards, and skills necessary after high school graduation to go straight into the workforce or choose college/university, or the military for additional training. 

The three pathways that are currently offered at Randolph-Clay High School are:

  • The Administrative/Information Support pathway from the Business and Computer Science concentration.
  • The Plant Science/Horticulture pathway from the Agriculture concentration.
  • The Transportation Logistical Support pathway from the Architecture, Construction, Communications & Transportation concentration.